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Jewelry: Golden Accents

I think accessorizing can absolutely make ANYTHING you wear look more put together and elevated. I once heard that jewelry is like an exclamation point of a person's outfit and I couldn't agree more.

It's all about the details. I am a very detailed person. When I watch characters in films or people in general, I like to look at every part of what a person is wearing. A person chooses certain items for a reason because in some way or the other it's about self-representation.

I am BIG on stackable rings and golden accents. I haven't figured out how to stack necklaces yet without tangling them to the point of no return but what I find a MUST are hoops. Hoops have a special place in my heart because it has been a "thing" of the women in my family from generation to generation. I still have the first-ever hoop earrings I got when I was 14. When I turned 20 my mom gifted me gold hoop earrings and to this day they are my favorite earrings I own. A warmer tone such as gold pieces enhances the colors you wear, especially earthy tones. Contrary to silver which tends to dull out certain colors.

Wear over price.

I truly believe that jewelry can be seen as an investment. Spending $12 on a pack of rings from H&M or Forever 21 and having it rust 2 weeks later just isn't worth it. Gold never rusts, and you can always polish it and have it, well, forever. I know that's not possible for everybody but it's worth thinking about especially when you wear them every day. However, if you are very careful like never showering or washing your hands with your jewelry on, you can make it last a very long time.


A few of my favorite online shops to buy jewelry:

Enroute & XIXI are the more affordable options.


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