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"Falling" by Harry Styles & My Cover

An actual renaissance painting comes to life.

The music video inspired me to create my own rendition of it.

Let me tell you guys, I used to love One Direction (guilty) and my "favorite" was Harry but that time was short-lived. After the first album, I quickly moved on from it and I forgot about them until I heard they were doing solo music. From all of the members in the group, I gravitated more towards Harry. His Self Titled album I LOVED but during that time his lack of vulnerability still didn't get me completely captivated. I feel like we could agree he was holding a lot back behind his Rolling Stones Mick Jagger persona. Then Fine Line came along and I have to say, I think it's one of my favorite albums that has come out this year. 'Adore You' is another video that I could go on and on about the storyline, the cinematography, the coloring, ROSALIA! But I won't do that for now. I loved the part of the music video where all the windows open as the room continued to fill up with water. It was like an actual window of opportunity, a means to escape the feeling of despair but he chose to stay. Which a lot of us do, we can overcome our sadness and longing for someone but we need those moments to lose ourselves in the feeling. It's painful but it's also what makes us feel like it was real.


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